Following our annual tradition, on Wednesday, 16th February, our entire nursery school celebrated the 100th day of school!

Επιμέλεια: Ζωή Φιλιππίδη, Καθηγήτρια Αγγλικών Νηπιαγωγείου


We dressed up as if we were 100 years old to symbolise the fact that we are 100 days wiser, having so much more knowledge and experiences from the first day of school. We participated in activities that got us critically thinking, using our imaginations and our fine motor skills.

The end result was a creature with 100 body parts, and each one was unique and creative. To close our fun-filled day, we took part in a 100th day workout and received a certificate to remember this special day. What a lovely day it was, filled with laughter, fantasy and good memories that the children will remember for years to come!  

Hooray for the 100th Day of Schoo!

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