They say that to learn a foreign language you must immerse yourself in the culture of that specific country. Of course, tasting its food is one of the most fun ways to do that.

Each year our primary three students have the opportunity to taste a Full English breakfast at school. Eggs, beans, bacon, tomatoes, bread, and sausages together with a glass of orange juice are definitely the perfect breakfast.

During their meal, students engage in conversations using their newly acquired knowledge and express their opinions in English. As soon as they are done eating, they need to fill in a questionnaire and say how they felt about the different components of their meal. Which one was their favourite? Which one would they change? Would they enjoy having a Full English every day?

I think it’s safe to say that this English lesson is by far the most enjoyable.

The English Breakfast was organized by the English Language Teachers, Miss Effie Asvesta, Miss Eva Morphiadou and Miss Zoe Filippidis.

A huge thank you to Rest Point for hosting this breakfast!